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  • All or selected addresses on a list can be automatically assigned to label sheets.

  • Addresses can be assigned to specific labels as shown below, assuring no label is ever wasted.
  • Easy Mail Plus supports 8 US and 8 metric pre-defined label sizes, any of which can be modified to suit specific needs.
  • Output can include a return address, logo, and postal bar code provided the label is large enough.

Other Screen Shots

Easy Mail Plus Editor: Includes those features expected in a comprehensive editor, and much more, including full graphics support. Documents can be printed either individually, or to a list of addresses, and/or faxed.

Database Address List: This screen displays selected fields in all or selected records. Records can be tagged or selected by filtering in a variety of ways.

Printing Envelopes: Envelopes can be printed individually or one can be printed for each of selected records in a list. Optionally include a logo or graphic and the postal bar code. Easily design different layouts to meet different needs.

Database Entry Screen: Available from the database address list above, provides for editing or deletion of records, and for adding new ones. Features automatic loading of city and state upon zip code entry. Phone numbers can be automatically dialed.

Address Books For Personal Contacts: While database files are ideal for holding and tracking usage of long lists of addresses, many find an Address Book perfect for tracking small lists, or addresses of relatives, friends, and important contacts.

Address Book Free-Form Entry: Entering and editing addresses as they appear in correspondance is much easier than in the database entry screen.

Selecting Envelope Feed Method: As is common throughout Easy Mail Plus, selecting the way in which envelopes feed into your printer is as easy as clicking a picture of the way it is done on yours.

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