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Mailing List Software
At Its Best!

Do you need . . .

  • An easy way to produce great looking envelopes and labels?
  • A simple way to manage your mailing lists?
  • Better ways to select names in your lists?
  • A bullet-proof way to back up files with a single click?
  • Software that is continuously maintained with free updates?

install Easy Mail Plus now! Easy Mail Plus provides all of the above and much, much more. Use it free for 30 days. Pay a one-time fee of $49.95 only if you decide to keep it.         How to evaluate Easy Mail Plus

From the complexity of database management to the design of graphic layouts for envelopes and labels, Easy Mail Plus is more powerful and easier to use than is any other mailing list software available. We invite you to compare and see for yourself.

Since Easy Mail Plus is shareware, you can try it risk-free. The evaluation version is fully functional, not limited in any way. Download it now, then use it free for 30 days, including any of the supporting components of interest. This is our way of guaranteeing your satisfaction with this top-of-the-line mailing list software.

Download/install now and take full advantage of the free trial period.

Easy Mail Plus
Would you like to . . .
  • Create custom layouts for envelopes, labels and letterheads?
  • Create and save an unlimited number of layouts for different purposes?
  • Include graphics in your layouts and documents?

Do you need the ability to . . .

  • Send a personalized letter to selected clients or customers?
  • Make more effective use of your own database files?

Would it be handy if you could . . .

  • Find any data item in your files instantly?
  • Enter zip code and have the city and state filled in automatically?
  • Use addresses with up to 8 lines of 50 characters each?
  • Temporarily limit your mailing list to addresses in one zip code or state?

Easy Mail Plus makes it easy to accomplish all of the above, and much, much more.
Download it now and check out the vast array of tools this mailing list software provides to simplify the mail list management task.

In A Hurry?

Click here to visit our Summary page . It provides a brief overview of what this mailing list software can do for you.

So What Now?

Please click here for our privacy statement.

This mailing list software will fulfill your needs. Download a copy now and discover for yourself just how much time and effort Easy Mail Plus can save you.

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