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From the complexity of database management to the design of graphic layouts for envelopes and labels, Easy Mail Plus is more powerful and easier to use than is any other mailing list software. We invite you to compare and see for yourself. Easy Mail Plus wins going away!

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What Customers Like Best

Easy Mail Plus adds full database support to it's parent product, Easy Mail. However, the essential structure of Easy Mail that has proved popular with thousands of customers has been maintained. Here is a brief list of elements customers say they like best about Easy Mail Plus.

  • Ease of use.

  • Fast startup.

  • Intuitive screens with large easy-to-find buttons.

  • 8 pre-defined envelope sizes, 4 US and 4 metric.

  • 16 pre-defined Avery label sizes/sheets, 8 US and 8 metric.

  • Redefine any envelope or label size.

  • Free-form address format in mailing lists.

  • Powerful Database with import and export abilities.

  • Design and store an unlimited number of envelope and label formats with the mouse; select the one to use with a click.

  • Design and store an unlimited number of letterheads with the mouse and easily switch between them.

  • Assign specific addresses to particular labels with the mouse. Only labels assigned are printed, which assures none are wasted.

  • Integrated Fax driver.

  • Create as many separate mailing lists as needed.

  • Full featured editor.

  • Prompt email support.

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Database And Easy Mail Plus

Mailing list software must include database when comprehensive list management is required. Adding database to Easy Mail made it possible to provide the following additional tools.

  • Full database mailing list management

  • Import and export from many file formats:
    (comma delimited; Paradox; dBase; Excel; Lotus; Ms Access; Adobe; xml and more)

  • Selection of database addresses by tagging

  • Selection of addresses with filters which can be edited and saved

  • Sort on a field by clicking its column heading

  • Personalized mailing (Mail Merge) from database lists

  • Automatic update of Reference Date when mailing

  • Automatic insertion of city and state on zip code entry

  • Address books for fax numbers

  • Movement of text or graphics within the editor with the mouse

  • Merge of text at the cursor position

  • Record or replay keyboard and mouse macros

  • Support for .BMP, .GIF, JPG, JPEG, WMF, and .ICO files

  • Support for additional popular labels including those used with diskettes, audio and video cassettes.

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Big Little Things That Add Up

To describe the features listed above in any detail, would take more words than most would want to read. And there are many others not even mentioned. Here are a few database tools not noted above, described in more detail. Hopefully they will demonstrate the care and planning implemented throughout this mailing list software package.

Database Backup:

The kinds of database files you want to back up are selected by clicking on the type. The program "remembers" your selections. The names of specific files to be backed up are displayed in a list. You can delete from the list as needed with a click, and browse for a file you want to add. Designated files can be backed up with a click.

After database files are compressed and copied, a report is displayed verifying each file, it's destination and date and time. Unsuccessful attempts are logged. You can save the report to a file or print it.

There is simply no better way to handle backing up critical data.


A number of pre-configured reports are provided. But you are invited to create custom reports to specifically fit your needs. And it's very easy to do.

Available database fields are displayed. You simply drag one to a list to be used. For each, you are asked for a heading for the field. As it is created, the report is updated with the heading selected as well as actual data. Each time you add a field, all headings and data are displayed. A click saves the format. The next time you click on "User Configured Reports," the new format is displayed with others you have created. Click to select any format, then view or print the report.

There is simply no easier way to create report formats. And this approach assures you get exactly the reports you need.

Address Formats:

Four database address formats can be defined by specifying from 3 to 8 lines, each from 30 - 100 characters in length. You drag database fields from a list, and drop them on the appropriate line. Options include your preferences for punctuation. At print time, addresses too large to fit on the selected envelope or label are automatically output in a smaller font size to avoid truncation of the address.


By selecting Updates in the main menu, various language dictionaries and a thesaurus can be downloaded and automatically installed with a click. Further, you can download the latest zip code data and on-line help file, both of which are updated as appropriate.

More important is the Program Update option. When clicked, changes and fixes in the latest versions of Easy Mail Plus are briefly defined. If you want the upgrade, a click downloads and installs it, then restarts the system with the latest version. Note there is never a charge for updates.
You can decide to backup the current version prior to updating, and revert to it later if you like.

Hopefully the above demonstrates Easy Mail Plus is mailing list software with a difference. It also shows our commitment to ease of use and attention to details. You will find these characteristics in all elements of program.

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List Formats Available

This mailing list software offers two useful formats for your lists.

  • Free-Form Address Book: Address Books are saved to file in the format used, as in correspondence and on envelopes or labels. It is ideal for maintaining short lists of friends, suppliers, etc., who are frequently contacted.

  • Easy Mail Plus database:
    From a few addresses to tens of thousands, the Easy Mail Plus database provides powerful, reliable, easy-to-use address handling.
    Full search, filtering, tagging, import, and export capabilities are at your disposal.

    Starting in version 2, many new database fields have been added and many existing fields have been expanded in size.
    Use the three 100 character all-purpose fields for any use. Customize any field name to suit your needs.

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Wrap Up

Mailing list software that is easy to use is almost a contradiction in terms. But from designing beautiful graphic layouts for envelopes, labels and stationery with the mouse to maintaining huge database lists containing thousands of names, Easy Mail Plus makes it happen. To see for yourself, click here now to grab a copy.

Since it is shareware, we have eliminated all risks to you. Use it freely for 30 days. If you decide it is not for you, simply run the uninstall program included to delete it from your disk. But it won't take that long for most to discover this is the best mailing list software available. You won't want to be without it.

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