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Easy Mail Features And Benifits

Mailing List Software
At Its Very Best!

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Ease Of Use!

At Home Plan Software, we put ease of use first into every package produced.

  • Every step is designed with this as the primary objective.

  • We test and smooth every element until this goal is achieved.
  • Then we ask others to check all with care.
  • And we work with user input until we get it right.

The final result is a proven product that performs exceptionally well, but is in fact easy to use. This mailing list software is no exception!

Don't take our word for this. Download it now to see for yourself.

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Design Graphic Layouts

Be sure your mailings demand attention and demonstrate the importance of your content. Quickly design beautiful layouts for envelopes, labels, and stationery; Easy Mail Plus "remembers" each one until it is changed. Save as many different layouts as you like. It's easy with our drag-and-drop method. No artistic skill is required.

Just click on a field and place it exactly where you want it. Do the same with your logo or a graphic, then resize or reshape it by dragging with the mouse. Stretch it out above your address, if you like. Select font, size and color to suit. On larger labels, include a return address and a logo or graphic if you like.

Standard envelope sizes are pre-defined, 4 US and 4 metric. And standard Avery label sheet sizes are pre-defined, 8 US and 8 metric. Further, you can define other sizes to meet specific needs. And you can save graphic layouts for specific sizes.

No artistic skill required. Download now to see how easy it is to create great looking layouts with only the mouse!

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List Formats Available

This mailing list software offers two useful formats for your lists.

  • Free-Form Address Book: Address Books are saved to file in the format used, as in correspondence and on envelopes or labels. It is ideal for maintaining short lists of friends, suppliers, etc., who are frequently contacted.

  • Easy Mail Plus database:
    From a few addresses to tens of thousands, the Easy Mail Plus database provides powerful, reliable, easy-to-use address handling.
    Full search, filtering, tagging, import, and export capabilities are at your disposal.

    Starting in version 2, many new database fields have been added and many existing fields have been expanded in size.
    Use the three 100 character all-purpose fields for any use. Customize any field name to suit your needs.

Download this mailing list software now! Easy Mail Plus includes both the Free-Form Address Book format and the Easy Mail Plus database.
Use the Address Book to store your friends, family, and other frequently used contacts.

Use the Database for mailing lists of your current and prospective customers.

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Filtering To Select Names

By setting last names beginning with "A" as the first value to include, then setting "B" as the last value, you have selected all last names in your file beginning with "A" or "B." You can narrow your selection further by repeating the process on other fields. For example, if you restrict the city field to Chicago, the filter selects all last names beginning with "A" or "B" for which the city field is Chicago.

A common practice is to tag the selected items. Once tagged, these records can be output as needed, deleted, saved to another file, or appended to an existing file.

Filters can be saved for reuse, and edited as needed. Thus if a test mailing as defined by the filter above was successful, the filter can be edited to select all others in Chicago by excluding those with last names beginning with "A" or "B."

Download now and explore this powerful feature. A sample database is included to give you a fast, easy start. Or better yet, try our import routines and load one of your own database files!

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Eliminating Duplicates

The default is to examine last names in the file with the associated zip code. This quickly finds two Andersons in the same zip code area. However, you may want to check both records to be sure they are in fact the same, including first names, addresses, etc. Other options are to search for last names associated with both an organization and zip code, or with a city and state.

Duplicates are displayed and tagged. Inspect them, or summarily delete them. It's your choice.

Download it now! Check out this fool-proof way of eliminating duplicate entries.

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Backing Up Files

The kinds of files you want to back up are selected by clicking on the type. The program "remembers" your selections. Specific files to be backed up are displayed in a list. You can delete from the list as needed with a click, and browse for a file you want to add. Designated files can be backed up with a click.

After files are compressed and copied, a report is displayed verifying each file, it's destination and date and time. Unsuccessful attempts are logged. You can save the report to a file or print it.

There is simply no better way to handle backing up critical data. Download now and see just how simple and foolproof this procedure is.

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Custom Reports

As you would expect in a mailing list software package, a number of pre-configured reports are provided. But you are invited to create your own to fit your specific needs. And it's very easy to do.

Available database fields are displayed. You simply drag one to a list to be used. For each, you are asked for a heading. As it is created, the report is updated with the heading selected as well as actual data. Each time you add a field, all headings and data are updated and redisplayed. A click saves the format. The next time you select "User Configured Reports," the new format is displayed with others you have created. Click to select any format, then view or print the report.

There is simply no easier way to create report formats. And this approach assures you get exactly what you need. Download it now! You will find this mailing list software provides everything you need.

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Address Formats

Four database address formats can be defined by specifying from 3 to 8 lines, each from 30 - 100 character in length. You drag database fields from a list, and drop them on the appropriate line. Options include your preferences for punctuation.

At print time, addresses too large to fit on the selected envelope or label are automatically output in a smaller font size to avoid truncation of the address, a feature that can save real dollars by avoiding returned mail.

If you have need for multi-line addresses, download Easy Mail Plus now and check out this routine.

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Other Features

For powerful mailing list software such as Easy Mail Plus, it takes more words than one wants to read to list the details of every feature and tool available. In brief form, here are a few items not mentioned above.

  • The Reference Date field can automatically be updated upon any mailing so that future reference to a record will show immediately when it was last used.

  • The phone number in the current record can be automatically dialed.

  • The Database Grid can be customized; field headings can be changed to suit.

  • Keyboard and mouse macros can be recorded and replayed as needed.

  • Support is provided for additional popular labels including those used with diskettes, audio and video cassettes.

Act Now! Download and explore the vast array of tools available to simplify the mailing task.

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Power Editing

Our editor provides features that rival those of the major word processors. Those of most interest to our users are listed below.

  • WYSIWYG editing and printing, which means that with minor exceptions, what you see on the screen is what will be printed.

  • Graphics files can be inserted within text; supports .BMP, .WMF, .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, and .ICO files.

  • Full drag-and-drop support means you can move text or graphics and even customize the toolbar by dragging with the mouse.

  • A visible ruler helps keep track of where you are on the page.

  • The tool bar, status bar, and ruler can be removed and reactivated as needed.

  • Provides for automatic paragraph indentation; also for left and right indent.

  • Use single, one and a half, double, or triple line spacing. Or use variable line spacing.

  • Text can be aligned (justified) to the left margin, the right margin, or centered.

  • Font attributes available include superscript, subscript, all capitals, and small capitals.

  • Text can be saved in ASCII or RTF (Rich Text Format).

  • Text can be inserted from a file at the cursor position (Merge).

  • You can find any file anywhere on your system, then load it for use.

  • Files most recently used can be loaded with a click.

  • Print your document to a fax driver.

Also supported are . . .

  • Multiple page Print Preview

  • Find and replace
  • Zoom in or out
  • Headers and footers
  • Decimal aligned tabs
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Page breaks
  • Page setup
  • Paragraph borders and shading

  • Shadowed and blinking text
  • Insert date and/or time
  • Insert symbols
  • Status bar
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Spell checking
  • Thesaurus

You owe it to yourself to see this dynamite editor in action. Download it now and take if for a test drive!

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Mail Merge

Personalized mailings can be very effective. Simply compose a document, such as a letter, using the first name or prefix and last name as appropriate. Maybe "Jane" or "Ms. Johnson." Then select the fields to be substituted in your document from each record. When printed, the mailing list software automatically includes the appropriate name. If the document is to be mailed, matching envelopes or labels can be produced.

Note you are not limited to names. Consider: "The people of CITY have been noted for their commitment to . . ." In a phrase such as this, the appropriate city will replace the word, CITY.

With a little thought, you will see a host of possibilities. Letters to clients that have not contacted you recently, maybe a thank-you to those who have, even a Christmas letter to your friends and relatives.

Download it now! See how easy it is to add sparkle and spice by personalizing what you send!

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Keeping Up-To-Date

By selecting Updates in the main menu, the database engine or thesaurus can be downloaded and automatically installed with a click. Further, you can download the latest zip code data and on-line help file, both of which are updated as appropriate. Most important is the Program Update option. When clicked, changes and fixes in the latest version of Easy Mail Plus are briefly defined. If you want the upgrade, a click downloads and installs it, then restarts your system with the latest version. Note there is never a charge for updates.

Download it now and check it out! No other mailing list software is maintained as continuously as is ours. And all updates are FREE!

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Great Support!

Whether you are evaluating Easy Mail Plus or are already a registered user, we welcome your questions. And we provide definitive answers quickly. We can be reached by . . .

Sending email to
Calling 209 - 286 - 8011
Faxing to 209 - 286 - 1319
Sending US Mail to . . .
Home Plan Software
8437 Center Street
Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245

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